Destroy Odors at the Source with Green Deodorizers

Due to the shifting focus in today’s global environment towards green practices, top chemical supply companies are now gearing up with a line of eco-friendly formulas. Many of these cleaning agents can be used to tackle tough projects such as cleaning grills, exhaust hoods, and concrete. There are also green cleaners which can tackle deodorizing. Ordinary cleaning methods usually cover up smells, allowing them to return later on. Green chemicals go a step further and safely eliminate the cause of an odor instead of just masking it.

The Conditioning Problem

Deodorizers are often needed for cleaning heating and cooling systems. You can quickly tell when your air conditioning needs to be cleaned out because it will give off a telltale odor. This is usually due to bacteria and mold that has accumulated inside the unit. But sometimes the smell persists even after the group has been thoroughly cleaned. Initially, there may only be the scent of the cleaning agent you may have used. But soon, the same unpleasant odor starts to emanate from the air conditioning unit. This is because despite using cleaning products from a reputable chemical distributor or chemical company, the bacteria or mold is still present.

Established green chemical supply companies that offer cleaning products for air conditioning units use a particular technology to eliminate the source of odors. By penetrating and dissolving hydrocarbon particles at the molecular level, even stubborn deposits can be easily removed. Also, the technology causes dirt particles to repel each other. This prevents them from re-adhering to the surface and makes it easier to obliterate them. In this way, the actual odor-causing germs are eliminated instead of just masked with a chemical perfume. Best of all, these green chemicals are plant-based, which means there is no risk of toxic fumes entering the atmosphere.

Caring For Carpets

Carpets and upholstery are another areas where odors can cause problems. In these situations, the odor-causing bacteria may have soaked deep into the material, making it even harder to remove. Liquids, food spills, and pet stains can settle deep into the article and cause an unpleasant smell. Top green chemical supply companies offer a formula specifically for deodorizing carpets, upholstery, and a variety of other surfaces. By dissolving substances at the molecular level, these solutions make odor removal an easy task.

Another benefit is that this particular type of green cleaner, from top chemical supply companies, can be used on some carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning projects. They can be added to industrial or commercial carpet cleaning units to deodorize vast stretches of carpet. Or you can perform spot cleaning with a hand brush for small carpet and upholstery stains. By eliminating the source of the odor, green deodorizers from reputable chemical supply companies safely eradicate foul smells permanently.

Guide To Green Chemicals Provide Cleaner, Safer Carpets

Many chemical companies are now offering eco-friendly alternatives to green chemicals. Unfortunately, the myth about their effectiveness still lingers. Many people believe that the more stringent the stain, the harsher the cleaning chemicals need to be. This isn’t true. Today, there are some safe cleaning products available that are not only effective but eco-friendly as well. By using the right carpet cleaning machine along with the proper green chemicals, you can clean your carpets in the quickest, safest, and most efficient manner.

The Low Flow Factor

One of the first ways to ensure your carpet cleaning efforts are effective and safe is to invest in the right carpet cleaning machines. One of the factor people overlook is the system’s water flow. The more water the computer uses, the longer it will take the carpet to dry. This is particularly important when you need to clean vast stretches of carpet in commercial or industrial areas. Wet carpets attract dirt and bacteria that can produce odors. To ensure the cleanliness of your carpets and the wellbeing of those who come into contact with cleaned carpets, consider low flow systems from top suppliers. In comparison to the 24-hour drying period required by traditional methods, low flow units often only need 1-6 hours.

Using carpet cleaning machines with low water flow technology does not mean that you compromise on cleaning power. Instead, you rely on powerful extraction capabilities and high temperatures to loosen and dislodge stains, and debris particles lodged deep in the carpet. Best of all, since they do not use much water, these machines allow carpets to dry in just a few hours. Apart from the convenience, it also means that germs, mold, and bacteria have little chance grow in the carpet. To get the best cleaning power out of these machines, use them with green chemicals.

The Green Effect

Rather than opting for harmful chemical company products, green chemicals are a practical alternative that is also safe for the environment. These plant-based products break down entirely and safely in the atmosphere. They do not leave behind harmful or toxic by-products on cleaned surfaces. Unlike conventional chemical company cleaning products, these products use a unique system that penetrates and dissolves dirt particles on a microscopic level.

It is best first to spray the carpet with green chemicals and allow this to dwell for several minutes. During this time, the green cleaning solution will encapsulate and crystallize dirt molecules, making it easier to extract them from the carpet. This will prevent sticky residues from remaining after cleaning. Rather than relying on conventional chemical company products that can be harmful to the environment, invest in green chemicals and low flow carpet cleaning machines for efficient, safe cleaning.

Green Chemicals & Restaurant Maintenance

Cleanliness can make or break a restaurant. An eatery that just is not up to standard will not only lose customers but may be shut down. This is why many restaurants rely on harsh cleaning chemicals to keep everything as clean as possible. But these compounds can do more harm than good. While they may remove tough stains like grease or oil spills, they can leave chemical traces behind. Because of this, many restaurant partners are now using green chemicals for cleaning their establishments.

Inside Out Cleaning

Restaurant cleaning and maintenance does not just cover the kitchen area. Everything, right down to the tables and chairs, needs to be spotless. The problem is that using harsh chemical cleaning products in these areas can leave behind toxic traces. While these kinds of cleaning agents are destructive to the environment, they can be equally bad for the restaurant environment as well. Wiping down tables and chairs with harsh products from a chemical distributor can cause skin irritation, especially for young children. Even chemical carpet-cleaning agents can leave behind toxic fumes which can ruin the atmosphere of any eating place.

The use of toxic cleaning agents in food preparation and storage areas is even worse since these toxins can quickly enter the food. But, there are many green chemicals available suited to all facets of restaurant maintenance, from kitchens to bathrooms to eating areas. These plant-based cleaning agents break down entirely in the environment. This also means they do not act as pollutants. There is also no risk of these green chemical agents leaving behind toxic traces after cleaning.

How They Work

Green chemicals are incredibly efficient because they use a specialized technology to break down and dissolve dirt. These cleaning agents work at the molecular level, penetrating dirt molecules and breaking them down from the inside. Even stubborn, hardened stains can be removed with ease. This is why green chemical agents are often more effective than their chemical counterparts. An added benefit: there are green chemicals specifically designed for different cleaning jobs. For instance, green chemicals used to clean carpets attract and crystallize around dirt particles, making them easier to remove. To clean tiles and grout in kitchen and bathroom areas, there are green cleaning agents for removing hydrocarbon residues and organic matter.

Best of all, there are green chemical agents available for some of the toughest jobs like cleaning grills, deep freezers, and even concrete and parking lots outside the restaurant. They can also be used to deodorize the area in a way that is entirely safe for the environment, the users, and the patrons of the restaurant. Opting for green chemical agents comes with the double benefit of being efficient and also safe to use.

How To Using Green Cleaners to Clean FLoors

Businesses with heavy traffic often find large amounts of dust, dirt, and stains on their hard floors. To clean this, generally a floor cleaning session will involve scrubbing, washing, wiping, and use of commercial cleaning chemicals to transform the levels into clean, fresh-smelling surfaces.

Most businesses and cleaning services continue to use commercial chemicals for cleaning floors despite the ill effects of toxic components in these substances. Unfortunately, many people believe green cleaners are effective on tough stains. But thanks to the specific environmental technologies used to create today’s top green cleaning products, using green hard floor cleaners is now a safe and effective approach to floor cleaning.

Today, your options are unlimited when it comes to purchasing green chemicals. Worse still, many of the green products fail to clean effectively. This is why you should buy high-quality green hard floor cleaners from leading distributors. The best natural cleaners feature powerful, fast-acting micelles that reduce the time and effort required for cleaning floors. Being wholly natural and plant-based, such green chemicals pose no harm to you or the environment.

Cleaning hard floors requires removing visible dirt and stains, and deodorizing the surface. Here are some varieties of green hard floor cleaners that can be used to transform your levels.

Green Tile Cleaner

Quality, green chemicals formulated for cleaning tiles feature nano-based micelles that quickly penetrate and break up even the most terrible dirt deposits and stains on pipes. Additionally, green tile cleaners virtually lift stains that have soaked into grout lines.

Green Concrete Cleaner

Green chemicals designed for cleaning concrete are concentrated, plant-based formulas that eliminate dirt, grease, mildew, stains, and rust from concrete surfaces. In fact, the best practical cleaners are capable of dissolving hydrocarbon deposits such as proteins, sugar, oil, grease, and fats. Natural hard floor cleaners are also noted for their versatility, making them perfect for cleaning a range of concrete surfaces such as basements, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, garages, and pavers. As a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable green concrete cleaner, this type of formula is ideal for cleaning indoor concrete surfaces as well.

In addition to hard floor cleaners, multi-purpose hard surface cleaners and carpet cleaners are also available for a range of floor cleaning applications.

For general business cleaning, use these chemicals in the diluted form. However, it is highly recommended that you use the real synthetic when it comes to heavy-duty, industrial cleaning tasks. Be sure to choose green hard floor cleaners for your next cleaning job.


Public works departments often rely on chemical distributors to supply effective, safe cleaning formulas. The products required by public works departments must serve many purposes, including graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, rust removal, street cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, building cleaning, auto detailing, truck washing, and more.

These formulas are available from many chemical distributors. However, the majority of cleaning chemicals currently available use toxic, harmful ingredients in their manufacturing. This, in turn, can cause harm to the user, the surface to be cleaned, and the environment. As public works departments are often required to meet an abundance of regulations regarding the safety of formulas selected, these hazardous chemical detergents only will not do.

Requirements of Public Works Departments

Chemicals for public works projects, such as maintaining roads, bridges, parks, and more, should be non-toxic and environmentally-safe. A large number of people pass through public places. If hazardous detergents are used, a large number of people can be harmed, in addition to workers.

Therefore, the cleaning professionals must use high-quality chemical distributors to obtain products for cleaning and maintain public works.

Tips on Selecting Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning chemicals fall into two categories: chemical detergents and green cleaning products. Synthetic detergents are manufactured synthetically, mainly from artificial chemicals. Green products are produced from vegetables and plants.

The main difference between the two products lies in their safety. While green cleaning products are environmentally friendly and safe for humans, chemical detergents derived from hazardous chemical manufacturing processes can be harmful to the health of the user, people who come into contact with cleaned surfaces, and the environment.

In the past, harmful chemicals have been viewed as more powerful than their green counterparts. However, this is no longer the case. Top green chemical distributors now offer products based on advanced green chemical manufacturing technologies to ensure their products are as – or more –powerful than chemical-based detergents. Therefore, one can naturally understand that green products are suitable for use by public works departments.

Cleaning Public Works and Green Chemicals

Maintaining public areas involves an array of cleaning applications. To find products suitable for all applications, consult a sizeable green supplier. Let’s take a look at some of the formulas available from top suppliers.

Salt Removal

Green chemicals capable of removing salt, preventing corrosion caused by road salt, and protecting concrete from further salt infiltration are among the most popular formulas available for public works departments. There are two types of salt removal formulas currently on the market. The first protects concrete surfaces by penetrating its pores and removing up to 90% of road salt, oils, dirt, grease, and other residues.

The second formula prevents the corrosive effects of road salt on metal surfaces and structures. By removing salt deposits quickly, public works departments can reduce corrosion on bridges and other essential structures.

Car & Truck Washes

Public works departments use vehicles for a variety of jobs. As such, proper maintenance of these cars is required. Green car washes and truck washes from top suppliers encapsulate and emulsify dirt, grease, oil, tree sap, bug residues, bird splatters, and more, rendering deposits easy to remove.

Graffiti Removal

Green graffiti removers contain lifters and emulsifiers that penetrate the pores of the concrete and other surfaces to lift paint molecules. For best results, pair with a pressure washer to blast away graffiti quickly.

Best of all, these public works applications and more can be accomplished safely and efficiently through the use of green cleaning supplies from today’s leading green chemical distributors.


Green chemical supplies are environmentally safe cleaning solutions derived from plants. Unlike conventional synthetic detergents, they do not contain harmful ingredients. This natural composition ensures the solution will not harm the environment, the user, or the surface being cleaned. But are green cleaning products as powerful as hazardous, chemical-based alternatives?

How a Green Cleaning Product Works

Most artificial detergents rely on the cleaning power of a harmful substance such as glycol ethers, to remove dirt and impurities from surfaces. However, a majority of green products rely on advanced green technologies as opposed to hazardous ingredients. While there are many types of green cleaning products available, the best formulas operate similarly.

The most potent green cleaning product formulas use a particular green technology to clean surfaces. This technology features millions of nano-sized micelles, at a size of 1/80,000th of a human hair. Particles of such small size can infiltrate into the molecules of most stains, dirt residues, and other impurities, blasting these dirt and stain molecules into billions of tiny particles. The emulsified particles can then be rinsed or wiped away for efficient results. Additionally, the emulsification process renders the dirt and grease molecules unable to re-attach to cleaned surfaces.

Advantages of Green Cleaning Supplies

The power of green products comes from exclusive technology rather than the dissolving ability of a particular harmful component. These green cleaning solutions are as robust as, or even more potent than, the artificial, chemical-based formulas currently available. Best of all, green cleaners provide additional benefits.

First, the chemical-based detergents may damage the surface. If it reacts with the surface material, it will eventually result in the damage of the surface. Green alternatives, on the other hand, cause no harm to the surface being cleaned or treated.

Second, the residues of the chemical detergent often remain on the surface, as these manufactured chemicals do not biodegrade easily and quickly. These remnants may cause and aggravate diseases or health disorders in people exposed to treated surfaces. Non-toxic, green formulas leave no toxic residues behind and are safe for the user and those coming into contact with cleaned materials.

Third, toxic substances can cause environmental pollution. The readily biodegradable, non-toxic formula of the best green chemical supplies ensures that solutions break down almost entirely in the first month. Residual residues have no adverse effects on the environment.

Types of Green Cleaning Supplies

A wide variety of green cleaning resolutions is available on the market today. You can find green versions of carpet cleaning solutions; hand washes gels, auto detailing products, windshield glass washers, floor cleaning solutions, bathroom cleaner solutions, and industrial cleaning products. A good green chemical manufacturer or supplier provides all these different green cleaning solutions and more.


Industrial cleaning is a complicated process. It involves the use of powerful cleaning machines such as pressure washers and other products, most notably, industrial chemicals. As well, there are many cleaning applications unique to industrial environments including industrial degreasing, cleaning the components of machines and tools, and sweeping the factory floor.

Industrial Cleaning Requires Power

Cleaning industrial equipment ensures that machines last longer and function correctly. It can also help in avoiding wear and tear.

In most industries, one can find oil stains, grease marks, and chemical spills on the floor and machines. These dyes and dirt tend to bind deeply onto the surface if exposed to heat, which many pieces of equipment in the factory generate.


Ordinary cleaning machines and cleaning solutions cannot remove the heated stains and dirt, as these impurities form a strong bond with the surface. You should use powerful industrial cleaning chemicals and reliable cleaning solutions for removing industrial-grade dirt and stains.

An Overview of Industrial Chemicals

Industrial cleaning solutions fall into two broad categories: chemical detergents and industrial organic chemicals.

Chemical detergents are synthesized using artificial chemicals. These are powerful but contain toxic substances. Industrial organic compounds, on the other hand, are equally compelling but do not include poisonous substances.

Cleaning detergents were previously the norm for industrial cleaning because earlier versions of organic cleaning products lacked power. Because cleaning jobs such as heavy-duty industrial degreasing and component washing require strong cleaning agents, it was believed that natural substances were not suitable.

However, today’s top green chemicals, a popular term used for organic cleaning chemicals, are as potent as or even more potent than their artificial counterparts. At present, a variety of green substances suitable for various types of heavy-duty cleaning jobs are available.

Secret of Power behind Organic Chemicals

Organic chemicals are sourced from plants and vegetables. These products do not contain artificial or harmful substances. As such, the cleaning efficiency of green elements does not depend on a single hazardous chemical; instead, these formulas use advanced green technologies to achieve the cleaning power.

The most potent green chemicals make use of a technology that involves microscopic, nano-sized particles that filter into stains and dirt residues and break the bond between the surface and dirt. Resulting particles are encapsulated and emulsified in water, for quick and easy removal.

Advantages of Green Chemicals

The main advantage industrial chemicals offer is the reduction of health problems in workers. The workers in most industrial facilities and factories work in demanding conditions. Artificial cleaning solutions contain many toxic substances that can cause disorders and diseases, such as cancer, reproductive deficiencies, respiratory illnesses, and skin disorders. However, the use of green chemicals has no risk of health problems for users or those who come into contact with treated surfaces.

Additionally, the use of organic cleaners is a smart move for industrial facilities looking to reduce their carbon footprint, as these formulas are non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and safe for the environment.


Aircraft cleaning is a specialized field of industrial cleaning involving the removal of grease and other deposits from the interior and exterior of an airplane. Proper aircraft maintenance must be carried out to ensure the appropriate functionality of planes.

An Overview of Aircraft Cleaning

Cleaning an aircraft requires different types of cleaning equipment including pressure washers for exteriors and engine components, steam cleaners for interior hard surfaces, and carpet cleaning machines for cleaning interior carpets and seat upholstery. The efficiency of all these devices can be increased by using a cleaning solution.

But should you use chemical-based detergents or green aircraft cleaning chemicals? Previously, the difference between these two solution types was effectiveness; hazardous soaps were just more potent than green cleaning solutions. However, this is no longer the case. With advancing green technologies, the latest green cleaners are as powerful as their harmful chemical-based equivalents. Some green chemicals are even more effective than chemical detergents.

Safety of the Aircraft

Airplanes are made of a variety of substances including metals, metal alloys, rubber, glass, and fibers. Chemical detergents contain many harmful materials that, if used over a period, can damage these surfaces. One reason for this is a majority of the ingredients in artificial detergents are not readily biodegradable. Traces of these chemicals remain on the surface of the aircraft. When the apparatus passes through various climatic conditions, these substances react with the surface, which eventually damages them.

This problem can be solved if green chemicals are used for aircraft cleaning. Quality green products biodegrade almost entirely within a month.

Safety of People

The use of synthetic cleaning products affects three sets of people: passengers, airline crew, and cleaning workers. Most synthetic products contain many toxic substances: benzene, chlorine, terpenes, petroleum distillers, glycol ethers, and much more. These materials can aggravate or cause many diseases, ranging from respiratory illnesses to skin disorders. If chemical substances are continuously used for aircraft cleaning, many people will be exposed to these toxic chemicals.

Green products do not contain such harmful ingredients. Seeing as these green aircraft cleaning products are derived from plants and vegetables, the contents of these products are not toxic and do not have any side effects on passengers, airline crew, or aircraft workers.

Safety of Environment

If toxic substances remain in the body of an aircraft, it will spread into the environment when the apparatus is in use. Other poisonous residues are rinsed into the atmosphere when the aircraft body is washed. Some of the components of artificial chemicals can cause severe environmental damage to, for example, the ozone layer. On the other hand, green chemicals use naturally occurring substances that do not cause any environmental damage.


Carpet cleaning requires the use of specialty chemicals effective at removing hardened, stubborn stains deep within carpet fibers. Stains left for long periods of time can wear carpet, ruining the appearance of business, and release odors that will deter customers. It is mandatory to keep carpets clean and stain-free.

Why Cleaning Chemicals Are Necessary

Carpet cleaners are used for cleaning carpets, mats, and seat upholstery. A cleaning solution is necessary for the efficient functioning of carpet cleaners. For understanding why cleaning chemicals are essential, one must understand how a carpet cleaner works.

An operator who uses these machines first pre-sprays a carpet shampoo onto the surface of the carpet. After letting the solution dwell for several minutes, the user uses the carpet cleaner which injects a cleaning solution and water into the mats. The carpet cleaning machine agitates the surface and then extracts the dirt residues, settlement, and water from the carpet.

The efficiency of a carpet cleaner depends significantly on the cleaning power of the solution or shampoo used.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Chemical

Cleaning solutions fall into two broad categories: artificial detergents and green chemicals. While these two types of the answer may share cleaning effectiveness and power, they vary significantly when it comes to environmental safety. Artificial detergents contain harmful substances, while green chemicals are environmentally friendly and sourced from plants and vegetables.

Many people choose green cleaning products as their specialty chemicals for carpet cleaning. The products offer cleaning power, biodegradability, non-toxic formula, and environmentally friendliness. These products include household cleaners, upholstery cleaner products, and automobile cleaners.


Cleaning professionals use green chemicals to clean all types of carpets and seat upholstery. These are preferred for both household cleaning and commercial cleaning, as these are safe for both the users and the environment. Also, green chemicals ensure the long life of carpets and upholstery.

Green products are ideal for commercial cleaning, particularly in facilities that face a great deal of traffic. Owners and workers at shops, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals may opt for green solutions to ensure their safety as well as their customers’ health and wellbeing. The use of green chemicals is particularly important in hospitals and nursing homes, as exposure to toxic substances can aggravate illnesses.

For Auto Detailing

Carpet extractors and cleaning solutions are also used for cleaning the interior of vehicles, especially carpets, mats, and seat upholstery. Specialty chemicals are used for cleaning automotive interiors, as well. You can find green versions specialized auto detailing products, such as mobile car wash, windshield glass cleaners, carpet shampoos, and upholstery cleaning solutions on the market today for safe and effective car cleaning results.