Green Chemicals & Restaurant Maintenance

Cleanliness can make or break a restaurant. An eatery that just is not up to standard will not only lose customers but may be shut down. This is why many restaurants rely on harsh cleaning chemicals to keep everything as clean as possible. But these compounds can do more harm than good. While they may remove tough stains like grease or oil spills, they can leave chemical traces behind. Because of this, many restaurant partners are now using green chemicals for cleaning their establishments.

Inside Out Cleaning

Restaurant cleaning and maintenance does not just cover the kitchen area. Everything, right down to the tables and chairs, needs to be spotless. The problem is that using harsh chemical cleaning products in these areas can leave behind toxic traces. While these kinds of cleaning agents are destructive to the environment, they can be equally bad for the restaurant environment as well. Wiping down tables and chairs with harsh products from a chemical distributor can cause skin irritation, especially for young children. Even chemical carpet-cleaning agents can leave behind toxic fumes which can ruin the atmosphere of any eating place.

The use of toxic cleaning agents in food preparation and storage areas is even worse since these toxins can quickly enter the food. But, there are many green chemicals available suited to all facets of restaurant maintenance, from kitchens to bathrooms to eating areas. These plant-based cleaning agents break down entirely in the environment. This also means they do not act as pollutants. There is also no risk of these green chemical agents leaving behind toxic traces after cleaning.

How They Work

Green chemicals are incredibly efficient because they use a specialized technology to break down and dissolve dirt. These cleaning agents work at the molecular level, penetrating dirt molecules and breaking them down from the inside. Even stubborn, hardened stains can be removed with ease. This is why green chemical agents are often more effective than their chemical counterparts. An added benefit: there are green chemicals specifically designed for different cleaning jobs. For instance, green chemicals used to clean carpets attract and crystallize around dirt particles, making them easier to remove. To clean tiles and grout in kitchen and bathroom areas, there are green cleaning agents for removing hydrocarbon residues and organic matter.

Best of all, there are green chemical agents available for some of the toughest jobs like cleaning grills, deep freezers, and even concrete and parking lots outside the restaurant. They can also be used to deodorize the area in a way that is entirely safe for the environment, the users, and the patrons of the restaurant. Opting for green chemical agents comes with the double benefit of being efficient and also safe to use.