Green chemical supplies are environmentally safe cleaning solutions derived from plants. Unlike conventional synthetic detergents, they do not contain harmful ingredients. This natural composition ensures the solution will not harm the environment, the user, or the surface being cleaned. But are green cleaning products as powerful as hazardous, chemical-based alternatives?

How a Green Cleaning Product Works

Most artificial detergents rely on the cleaning power of a harmful substance such as glycol ethers, to remove dirt and impurities from surfaces. However, a majority of green products rely on advanced green technologies as opposed to hazardous ingredients. While there are many types of green cleaning products available, the best formulas operate similarly.

The most potent green cleaning product formulas use a particular green technology to clean surfaces. This technology features millions of nano-sized micelles, at a size of 1/80,000th of a human hair. Particles of such small size can infiltrate into the molecules of most stains, dirt residues, and other impurities, blasting these dirt and stain molecules into billions of tiny particles. The emulsified particles can then be rinsed or wiped away for efficient results. Additionally, the emulsification process renders the dirt and grease molecules unable to re-attach to cleaned surfaces.

Advantages of Green Cleaning Supplies

The power of green products comes from exclusive technology rather than the dissolving ability of a particular harmful component. These green cleaning solutions are as robust as, or even more potent than, the artificial, chemical-based formulas currently available. Best of all, green cleaners provide additional benefits.

First, the chemical-based detergents may damage the surface. If it reacts with the surface material, it will eventually result in the damage of the surface. Green alternatives, on the other hand, cause no harm to the surface being cleaned or treated.

Second, the residues of the chemical detergent often remain on the surface, as these manufactured chemicals do not biodegrade easily and quickly. These remnants may cause and aggravate diseases or health disorders in people exposed to treated surfaces. Non-toxic, green formulas leave no toxic residues behind and are safe for the user and those coming into contact with cleaned materials.

Third, toxic substances can cause environmental pollution. The readily biodegradable, non-toxic formula of the best green chemical supplies ensures that solutions break down almost entirely in the first month. Residual residues have no adverse effects on the environment.

Types of Green Cleaning Supplies

A wide variety of green cleaning resolutions is available on the market today. You can find green versions of carpet cleaning solutions; hand washes gels, auto detailing products, windshield glass washers, floor cleaning solutions, bathroom cleaner solutions, and industrial cleaning products. A good green chemical manufacturer or supplier provides all these different green cleaning solutions and more.

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