Public works departments often rely on chemical distributors to supply effective, safe cleaning formulas. The products required by public works departments must serve many purposes, including graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, rust removal, street cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, building cleaning, auto detailing, truck washing, and more.

These formulas are available from many chemical distributors. However, the majority of cleaning chemicals currently available use toxic, harmful ingredients in their manufacturing. This, in turn, can cause harm to the user, the surface to be cleaned, and the environment. As public works departments are often required to meet an abundance of regulations regarding the safety of formulas selected, these hazardous chemical detergents only will not do.

Requirements of Public Works Departments

Chemicals for public works projects, such as maintaining roads, bridges, parks, and more, should be non-toxic and environmentally-safe. A large number of people pass through public places. If hazardous detergents are used, a large number of people can be harmed, in addition to workers.

Therefore, the cleaning professionals must use high-quality chemical distributors to obtain products for cleaning and maintain public works.

Tips on Selecting Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning chemicals fall into two categories: chemical detergents and green cleaning products. Synthetic detergents are manufactured synthetically, mainly from artificial chemicals. Green products are produced from vegetables and plants.

The main difference between the two products lies in their safety. While green cleaning products are environmentally friendly and safe for humans, chemical detergents derived from hazardous chemical manufacturing processes can be harmful to the health of the user, people who come into contact with cleaned surfaces, and the environment.

In the past, harmful chemicals have been viewed as more powerful than their green counterparts. However, this is no longer the case. Top green chemical distributors now offer products based on advanced green chemical manufacturing technologies to ensure their products are as – or more –powerful than chemical-based detergents. Therefore, one can naturally understand that green products are suitable for use by public works departments.

Cleaning Public Works and Green Chemicals

Maintaining public areas involves an array of cleaning applications. To find products suitable for all applications, consult a sizeable green supplier. Let’s take a look at some of the formulas available from top suppliers.

Salt Removal

Green chemicals capable of removing salt, preventing corrosion caused by road salt, and protecting concrete from further salt infiltration are among the most popular formulas available for public works departments. There are two types of salt removal formulas currently on the market. The first protects concrete surfaces by penetrating its pores and removing up to 90% of road salt, oils, dirt, grease, and other residues.

The second formula prevents the corrosive effects of road salt on metal surfaces and structures. By removing salt deposits quickly, public works departments can reduce corrosion on bridges and other essential structures.

Car & Truck Washes

Public works departments use vehicles for a variety of jobs. As such, proper maintenance of these cars is required. Green car washes and truck washes from top suppliers encapsulate and emulsify dirt, grease, oil, tree sap, bug residues, bird splatters, and more, rendering deposits easy to remove.

Graffiti Removal

Green graffiti removers contain lifters and emulsifiers that penetrate the pores of the concrete and other surfaces to lift paint molecules. For best results, pair with a pressure washer to blast away graffiti quickly.

Best of all, these public works applications and more can be accomplished safely and efficiently through the use of green cleaning supplies from today’s leading green chemical distributors.

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