Destroy Odors at the Source with Green Deodorizers

Due to the shifting focus in today’s global environment towards green practices, top chemical supply companies are now gearing up with a line of eco-friendly formulas. Many of these cleaning agents can be used to tackle tough projects such as cleaning grills, exhaust hoods, and concrete. There are also green cleaners which can tackle deodorizing. Ordinary cleaning methods usually cover up smells, allowing them to return later on. Green chemicals go a step further and safely eliminate the cause of an odor instead of just masking it.

The Conditioning Problem

Deodorizers are often needed for cleaning heating and cooling systems. You can quickly tell when your air conditioning needs to be cleaned out because it will give off a telltale odor. This is usually due to bacteria and mold that has accumulated inside the unit. But sometimes the smell persists even after the group has been thoroughly cleaned. Initially, there may only be the scent of the cleaning agent you may have used. But soon, the same unpleasant odor starts to emanate from the air conditioning unit. This is because despite using cleaning products from a reputable chemical distributor or chemical company, the bacteria or mold is still present.

Established green chemical supply companies that offer cleaning products for air conditioning units use a particular technology to eliminate the source of odors. By penetrating and dissolving hydrocarbon particles at the molecular level, even stubborn deposits can be easily removed. Also, the technology causes dirt particles to repel each other. This prevents them from re-adhering to the surface and makes it easier to obliterate them. In this way, the actual odor-causing germs are eliminated instead of just masked with a chemical perfume. Best of all, these green chemicals are plant-based, which means there is no risk of toxic fumes entering the atmosphere.

Caring For Carpets

Carpets and upholstery are another areas where odors can cause problems. In these situations, the odor-causing bacteria may have soaked deep into the material, making it even harder to remove. Liquids, food spills, and pet stains can settle deep into the article and cause an unpleasant smell. Top green chemical supply companies offer a formula specifically for deodorizing carpets, upholstery, and a variety of other surfaces. By dissolving substances at the molecular level, these solutions make odor removal an easy task.

Another benefit is that this particular type of green cleaner, from top chemical supply companies, can be used on some carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning projects. They can be added to industrial or commercial carpet cleaning units to deodorize vast stretches of carpet. Or you can perform spot cleaning with a hand brush for small carpet and upholstery stains. By eliminating the source of the odor, green deodorizers from reputable chemical supply companies safely eradicate foul smells permanently.

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